Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Allan F. Treffry, Esquire
Affiliation: Law Office of Allan F. Treffry

July 16, 2008

To: SEC Chairman Christopher Cox

RE: July 15, 2008 Emergency Order to Stop Naked Short Selling with Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac and Certain Brokerage Firms.

Dear Mr. Cox,

I have just reviewed your Emergency Order to Cease all Naked Short Selling regarding certain failing financial entities on Wall Street. Although I hear some voices of glee from the less insightful who believe this order is for the publics protection, or similar comments from the paid Wall Street cheerleaders who wish to deceive the public in the usual fashion, I do not see an issue for rejoicing, but merely another institutionalized injustice to the public in favor of Wall Street wrongdoers. Permit me to elaborate, using a lesson in history found in the recent movie 21.

When the mentally gifted students of M.I.T. got together and used their talents to count cards in Blackjack, they caused the Vegas casinos to lose a lot of money. These students were not dealing from the bottom of the deck, using any illegal counting devices or any other technique of playing cards other than simply their God-given mental abilities. Labeling the use of ones mind as an illegal tool of gambling is not only illogical, but it is utterly ludicrous for each person must use their mind to even function, not to mention play Blackjack. However, when these M.I.T. students proved to have learned a system of playing Blackjack so successfully that they were regular winners, they were run out of the casinos and in some cases, beaten on the way out the door. The lesson? You are allowed to play so long as you do not learn how to win on a regular basis.

How does this Las Vegas example equate to the emergency order you issued today? Well, so long as the Wall Street criminals were naked shorting the American investor and markets into oblivion, so long as the globalists were using naked short selling as a tool of destroying this nation so as to take away our power and independence, your agency did nothing to stop it and in fact, it gave the loudly complaining American people over a decade of nothing but posturing and delays, while hundreds of trillions were siphoned out of our nation. Perhaps you never really contemplated why this nation is on the verge of economic collapse as you read these words. To this day, your agency still claims to need more comment periods to even determine if this form of illegal electronic counterfeiting is a practice you might consider putting to an end.

While we have waited long over a decade for you to stop naked short selling by criminals, when the one rare moment in history that the demise of certain financial sectors is so obvious that even the average investor could make some money with the naked short selling practice, and they could get some of their money back from the banking establishment by betting against the failing banks, the one time that the tables can be turned so that naked short selling can work for the benefit of the little guy, you suddenly find the character and strength and conviction to put an emergency halt to it. Let me ask you, how stupid do you really think we are?

While you continually cater to your Wall Street pals, protecting them from the potential pitfalls of naked short selling when it could be adverse to them, you simultaneously protect them on the flip-side so they can keep naked shorting other stocks into oblivion. Note, your emergency order has ignored all of those stocks that have been on the SHO list for years and to this day - the very same day of your unprecedented Emergency Order - these poor abused naked shorted companies and their over-abused shareholders continue to be victims of criminal naked short selling.

Sir, I could have never imagined that you people in the federal government, would fall to such depths to aid criminals steal from simple, average, innocent people and be such traitors to our nation. With all the deceit that rules this nation, with all the lies in the government, the media, the financial sector and wherever else traitors hide, I find the greatest of joy in knowing in my heart that your rule of terror is going to end and face judgment one day. I guess my advice is for you all to play the game while you can, as for every dollar stolen, every American who loses their home, their job, their retirement, every child who feels hunger, and every other devastation caused by this traitorous federal government crime cartel, God will hold you all accountable - I promise you.

Have a nice day and know that in spite of all the deception, we know the truth.

For America and Americans,

Allan F. Treffry, Esq.