Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: rich j devine
Affiliation: retired

July 21, 2008

shorting shares without verification of actual shares is killing the stock market for the little guy. my junior shares have gone down signicantly since the change of the up tic rule. things have gotten so bad with the gov't trying to prop up the the dow and kill gold that it now seems as if the govt is working for wall street and the banking industry. Govt is lying about unemployment the economy and inflation. Isnt there any true unpaid for govt employee. Who due we turn to to correct what are govt is doing to us when the ballot box doesnt seem to work. Morality on all levels is eroding and things will get out of control if govt doesnt doing the right thing to protect everybody. When the legal system is no longer ethical and govt agencies support the elite who due we turn to correct the system. I put in 20years in the army and air force and no longer feel that our country is morally right and held to a higher standard. Does our government officials and elected officials really concern about our country or just collecting a pay check. Iam 62 and finding it harder and harder to believe in my govt is looking out for the people and the well fair of the country.