Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: M R

July 20, 2008

Every company should be protected from short sellers.
Plus, I buy shares for proft, not for my broker's firm to lend out for short selling and thus negating my purchase.
Any shorting undermines the public investors confidence in purchasing shares. At least the ones who are not gamblers.
Shorting keeps a thumb on the share price which makes it difficult or impossible for companies to raise capital. Shorting may be used as vengence or to drive out competition.
Investors might wise up and buy bullion and let the shorters drive equity prices into the ground. Bullion is simple and equites can be nerve racking and time consuming. It seems that equities are for the greedy investor and bullion is for the saver. Between the trouble and worries of equites, it might be a long time before investors decide to come back to them.
Where would our world be without investors (shorters excluded)? I know one thing for sure, it would be a much less comfortable world than we have now. We the long investor deserve protection from every shorter for the good and confidence of everyone. We shouldn't cater to the greedy and the crooks.