Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Joel B.

July 20, 2008

How much longer will the SEC keep protecting those that "fleece" America and the world through (NSS) market Naked Short Selling and manipulation , SEC, why do you continue to protect the biggest violators of the illegal trading???

You swore to protect the investors, but who's side are you on?? It certainly sadly doesn't look like ours.

How many more pardons or delays can you possibly give the short sellers to cover, endless extensions of more time,and yet why do they deserve it??? If I shorted a stock and had to cover you would take my all I own to do it if need be, why are they above the law??

If I had stolen property in my possession or had done something illegal the local law enforcement could kick down my front door and arrest me and my whole family. Yet they have had years to do the right thing, when are you going to force their hands???

How can I sell something I don't own, If I did I would be ARRESTED, so tell why they get to do it and get off scott-free?? Furthermore, tell just when did you plan on telling Joe-Taxpayer/Investor that you were in shorty's back pocket because if you claim you are not your ACTIONS speak VOLUMES LOUDLY that you are.

How come when I invest my money I have to buy on the open market while a broker can pass my bid up and sell to someone else and brokers get to buy in "after hours and last second purchases" with absolutely NO RISK TO THEMSELVES???? The whole system is corrupt and crooked.

WE the people are tired of being taken advantage of when will this disgusting filthy game you let continue stop??