Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Ken M. Knight

July 20, 2008

Your waking up to the reality of "naked short selling" is over due. A lot of the damage has been done. What took so long? OH yes, that's right your "banking buddies" had to have some help... Do you realize how bad this all looks?

You only act when the banks and other "pay masters" need help. IT'S PATHEITC IT'S UNAMERICAN

What about the other stocks being "naked shorted" to hell, like the precious metals stocks, what about gold and silver on the CRIMEX?

Do you think the american people will sit by forever and accept this constant pandering to the banks while we are robbed, raped, and broke into dust all the while footing the bill, for the "to big to fail" crowd

It stinks to high heaven

Ken Knight :o(