Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

September 6, 2007

Dear SEC again,

I simply could not believe that Paul Floto,one of the persons most instrumental to Senator Bob Bennett's and David Patch's,'s Global Links 'poster penny stock company' for what they claimed was a 'victim of naked short selling' would dare make a peep or comment to the SEC about SHO here and not clearly disclose(not only for those asleep at the wheel at the SEC who might read his comments but invesors who uneducated as I once was about this whole thing)might read his comments here and not know he was a major beneficiary of Global Links fraudulent naked short claim and pump and dump He of course is NOT just a 'Retired Chief Financial Officer' but part of the Conseco and the Global Links pump and dump fraud as well

Need he not disclose that here on this website before writing comments(edited 35 times by fraudulent 'naked short victim pretender Patrick Byrne of Overstock.con ?
And should David Patch not have to disclose as well that he has helped pump and dump many penny stocks over the years even claiming Adnan Kashoggi's,'s GenesisIntermedia was a victim of 'naked shorting ?

Indeed neither David Patch or Paul Floto should be allowed to comment here without some disclosure of their past and present(Jag Media Holdings,Cryptometrics,etc.,etc.) insider relations to penny stock scams ?

You,the SEC,do yet another diservice to investor education by lending both credibility here without calling them on their insider connections to a myriad of U.S. penny stock frauds whose tentacle reach outside U.S. borders and the SEC would know better than anyone Actually they are both involved in or aiding money laundering as well as ripping off American penny stock 'retail inverstors' such as I was before I lost 100% of my 'investment'with the James Dale Davidson,Grin brothers of Israel etc. and Stanford University's pump and dump called Endovasc

You need to insist on some truth or consecuences here in posting comments without disclosing insider connections to penny stocks that both of these shysters have Below are my comments on their posts here from message board.I use offshorebusines both because it is Google searched and because the fraudulent ragingbull and Yahoo deletes my posts warning investors about con artists such as David Patch, confiscates all my email without telling who gets it.

In fact I do believe Yahoo may even give my email to the CIA's and SEC's,etc. 'IT' folk SRA International(SRA or SRX has its own 'message board where my posts were deleted and my email confiscated for posting there ).

SRA's Mantas Inc 'spin off',besides having covered up the Endovasc(AND MANY OTHERS THROUGH LOM OF BERMUDA,VFINANCE AND SCHWAB) pump and dump from a Charles Schwab account in 2002(whose secret agreement to deposit millions of shares there I have online in a pdf file you must have seen),has been paid by the U.S. Homeland Security Department and its California equivalent to spy on Americans and California citizens exercising their right to free speech

That's a fact as you know or I'd be very hesitant to say it(unlike David Patch,James Dale Davidson,Patrick Byrne, this Paul Floto and so many others,including many Israelis but also Arabs for some reason) running penny stocks scams and threatening lives who seem to take for granted they are indeed above the law unlike me and regular investors,naive or no,who could never act with such outrageous impunity even if we wanted to which I would not You see while the U.S. government post 9/11
has useed the threat of terrorism to frighten Americans from expressing their own thoughts,simultaneously it has encouraged 'fraud speech'and even death threats(the only kind that should really be a crime),among certain often anonymous individuals on the internet and stock message boards.Why ?

Tony Ryals

Senator Bob Bennett,Dave Patch,Paul Floto,Conseco,Global Links
By Mitt Romney,Angel Moroney Love Mormon Fraud on 9/5/2007 7:14:52 PM

Re: Dear SEC,'Bobo O'Brien' of NCANS asked me to write you...

If you take a look at today's SEC SHO or File No. S7-19-07 comments you will find that besides the known,securities fraudster and probable money launderer,David Patch,that a
'Paul Floto,Retired Chief Financial Officer, Dallas, Oregon'
has also added his comments.Well their criminality is know to everyone but Chris Cox and his corrupt Securities Exchange Commission or SEC.

The name sounded familiar so I googled and sure enough this piece of sleaze Paul Floto who passes himself off as a 'financial officer' appears to be the one who claimed to have bought 'more shares of the penny stock pump and dump(and fraudulent 'naked shorting' claim complainent) Global Links than existed At least according to him and Dave Patch and Senator Bob Bennett(who can kiss his angel Moroney's stink azz as far as I'm concerned),a while back.Also it appears he was greatly involved with the Conseco scam.

Correct me if I'm wrong and he's not THAT Paul Floto.Yes U.S.'resident' and war criminal W Bush and his SEC as well as the congress and Hillary Clinton and and the 'gay' pervert and pimp Barney Frank rape not only Iraqis but US AS WELL.Anyway they must be doing this for some reason such as all the great service Walter Reed and Cerberus and its IAP Worldwide scam are providing for permanently crippled ex U.S.soldiers and National Guard at Walter Reed.John Snow and Dan Quayle and Donald Rumsfeld and the Kellogg,Brown and Root boys must be very proud of the sacrifices they have had to make in allowing their IAP International take that Walter Reed contract in the first place.And SEC Chair Christopher 'Sukkk Cheney's Dikkk' Cox should receive a medal for making us aware of those WMDS in Iraq. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

CONSECO INC global links

Re: Senator Bob Bennett,Dave Patch,Paul Floto,Conseco,Global Links
By's Patrick Byrne's 'editorial' role on 9/6/2007 10:58:37 AM

I was so po'ed to note that the Global Links fraudster 'Paul Floto Retired Chief Financial Officer' who is associated with both Global Links and Conseco had written to the SEC re the sho fraud again I only now skimmed the article only to find it was 'edited 35 times'by Patrick Byrne If this NCANS - NAANSS pump and dump and money laundering operation is not organized crime that the DOJ,if we had one,should prosecute as such,I don't know what is.

Unfortunately W Bush has his criminals in both departments (SEC and DOJ)with the Democrat and House Banking and gay prostitution connected Barney Frank's blessings,it appears. Rather than encouraging his fellow right wing 'gay' pervert and corrupt Republican Congressman Craig of Idaho NOT to resign, congressman Barney Frank who allowed a homosexual prostitution ring to operate out of his own house some years ago and allowed the Israeli ICTS International run by convicted Israeli Likud Party and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert connected Menachem Atzmon to 'guard' Logan Airport,Boston on 9/11 while simultaneously pumping and dumping its worthless U.S. penny stock shares to defraud Americans and probably launder money with them 102.htm

Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Paul Floto
Affiliation: Retired Chief Financial Officer September 4, 2007
.........(And this is what you see typed at bottom of Paul Floto's SEC comment of Septempember 4,2007 on link above but NO mention whatsoever of Conseco OR the Senator Bob Bennett and David Patch of promoted penny stock fraud called Global Links that Mr.Floto lied about owning all the worthless unaudited shares of while a major pump and dump was going on :

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