Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Roy W James

July 19, 2008

I never expected to be asked by the SEC (ENFORCEMENT agency)to comment on a matter of COUNTERFEITING by the Market Makers.

It's my understanding that the Securities Act of 1933 was to prohibit illigal activity such as securities fraud, but there's no one to enforce the law. Additional laws will do nothing if not enforced.

Yes. Please remove the exclusion clause that allows Market Makers to steal from the investor and whose ill gotten booty likely never reported to the IRS. Maybe it's time to replace Market Makers and do the job electronically.

Your deliberate effort to delay and not enforce laws already in place, show us how corrupt the system is. Crooked regulators, the complicit relationship between the SEC, DTCC and The Federal Reserve and criminal friends who are Bankers, Brokers and Market Makers.

The greedy Wall Street Criminals (American Citizens) are doing a swift job of financial ruin to their own country and people. This is something other enemies and Terrorists have not been able to do.

When the SEC. starts doing their job they will discover who, along with them, have FAILED TO DELIVER.