Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: John S Huntley, Esquire
Affiliation: Lawyer

July 19, 2008

I believe the SEC is an embarrasment to good government when it comes to tackling the problem of naked shorting. Show me how you are enforcing the ban against the brokers who profit from looking the other way as thier clients break the law. When it comes to small cap stocks, such as miners, you are totally MIA. We won't even talk about small biotech. Now you want to protect the financials selectively. Have you ever heard of special legislation and selective enforcement of our laws? You know you are going to buy and lose a lawsuit on that one. Wakeup. Stop being on the side of the Goldmans and big banks and enforce all the rules evenly and fairly. Get tough for once in your life. Reinstate the uptick rule and ENFORCE all the regulations on naked shorting, especially AGAINST THE BROKERS who are facilitators in breaking the law. If you don't make our markets fair, the investor will walk away and the markets will fail to function. John S. Huntley, Esquire