Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Bonnie Moore
Affiliation: retired

July 18, 2008

Please apply at least the standard recently used to protect a few troubled financial giants to all traded companies as a start.

Next, please consider what Europe did to clean up phantom fake shares and make any new regulation tight enough to stop naked short selling with phantom shares. I suggest a 3 day maximum for any FTD as a start.

Please reverse the grandfathering of what amounts to counterfeit shares.

Please pursue criminal charges against those who commit this kind of fraud.

Naked short selling with the creation of fraudulent shares is horrible for America's economic future.

I implore you to roll up your sleeves and clean it up. Every day you wait it gets worse and does more harm.

How embarrassing if the only way to get our stock market anything close to honest again is through law suits while the SEC did nothing.

Thank you for your time.