Subject: Comments

July 18, 2008

Dear Sir/Madam:
Reg. SHO looks to be a facade to me. We are a country of law. Selective application of the law is a farce. The "big money" behind naked short selling is not above the law. If they are, then this whole country & its constitution has been usurped by the so called "elite" and their banker friends. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison must be looking down on us in absolute disbelief that we could so completely screw-up something so well thought out as our constitution.
It appears that the pledging by gov't officials to uphold the constitution has become nothing more than an utterance without meaning to them. What a farce this freedom loving republic has become when those pledging to uphold the law will give special dispensation to those who hold much wealth, influence, &/or power. In other words, why are you proposing to make illegal something which is already against the law?
Richard E Pfeifer