Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Richard T Fishel

July 18, 2008

Dear Sirs, I find it VERY hard to believe that the proposed Reg SHO amendment has an "Exemption Clause" for the Primary Dealers. That is NOT regulation of the Security Exchanges, but rather caving-in to the BIGGEST players in the market.This is the sort of NON regulation by the SEC which has allowed NAKED SECURITIES SHORTING to make CRIME a multi Billion Dollar Industry in American financial markets. DO YOUR JOB SEC. Stop NAKED SHORTING SECURIES dead in its tracks. Prosecute the CRIMINALS to the FULLEST extent of the LAW. Send them to PRISON for MANY years. The American people DEMAND the LAWS of our land be enforced upon ALL This is JOB 1 of the SEC or else YOU become an ACCOMPLICE to CRIMES against the AMERICAN people. Do not be a FOOL SEC. Start DOING your JOB today.