Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: N Wood

July 18, 2008

as a taxpayer and small business owner and investor and U.S citizen i am appauled at the thought that the SEC is confessing that they will pick and choose which businesses may and may not stay in business and which business they will and will not protect. since it is your jobs i can only assume you know how many thousands of small companies have been pushed out of business due to stock manipulation and NSS. You are now saying that you will protect big business and financial institutions and their investors but we who invested in companies like CMKM Diamonds Inc. as well as many other companies that are no longer in business and I as a tax paying citizen who has invested in them get no protection from the SEC at all. how can there even be a debate? Short selling is legal Naked Short Selling NSS ,phamtom shares, conterfeit shares I don't care what pretty little name you put on it it is no different than printing your own money and passing it off as real and those who allow shares in public companies to be "naked shorted" (sold without ownership) should be treated no differently as those who print fake money and use it at their will. Now I would like to know what the SEC has in mind to protect all publicly traded companies in this country from the vultures who rangage them through NSS