Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

September 3, 2007

Dear SEC
BELOW is material I left around the internet for years hoping the SEC might see it and act.You know I can't act due to all of the anti-investor aimed legislation put through by Christopher Cox, in 1995 in his position as Congressman from southern California.As far as I can tell Cox is reponsible for so many of the fraudulent tout businesswire,etc. paid press releases from crooks in myriad U.S. penny stock scams BECAUSE OF THIS 'SAFE HABOR' CLAUSE. IN TRUTH THE LIES OF ALL THESE PENNY STOCK FRAUDS ARE SO BLATENT AND EGREGIOUS IN RETROSPECT THAT EVEN CHRIS COX ET.AL.'S'SAFE HARBOR' WOULD NOT PROTECT THE FRAUDS IT'S JUST THAT THE SEC LOOKS THE OTHER WAY And Stanford University and its law proifessor and ex SEC Commissioner
have nothing to be proud about.

The British Israeli fraudster Michael Zwebner,residing in Miami,even brought both Mohamed Hadid(who is connected to an Islamic charity suspected of money laundering in Herndon,Virginia whose investigation apperars to be covered up)as well as the ex president of Israel Moshe Katsav who I was complaining about on internet long before up to 10 Israeli women accused him of rape Yet no one in the SEC here or in Israel where U.S. penny stock fraud appears to be a big business,has ever moved to stop this fraud. Why ?

Zwebner lied(and still does in regular investor paid prs to pump his fraud UCSY or Universal Communications Systems), about manufacturing an 'air-water machine' that no one has ever seen to my knowledge except in his press releases And calthough in his press releases he has sent hundreds of these suposed machines around the world these sales NEVER show up in SEC filings Why ? Just anmother fraud the SEC permits for reasons of its own. Actually regardless of the SEC's determination that Kuala Lumpur or Dubai should not be on terrorist money laundering watch list,I strongly disagree and more than a little resent that Endovasc was able to deal with Bellador Group and the now disappeared Peter Taylor(a Brit ?)without even need to put this in SEC filings Why did at least Republican connected and endorsed China Wireless and Biophan at least document their involvement with Bellador Group and Endovasc didn't have to ? Please explain.Like I said all they had to do was bring up a stock deal in Kuala Lumpur and I'd have dumped the worthless shares I had left after their fraudulent
'reverse split'

And if they or all penny stocks and NASDAQ or OTCBB required any new shares coming into the float be reported daily that would have awoken me from my sleep to realise the fraud as well in real time So why don't you at SEC demand new shares entering the float from insiders be reprted immediately ? Maybe that would protect investors and send them running from penny stocks and greatly reduce fraud ? Is that why 'libertarian Republican'Paul Atkins and Chris Naked Shorts Cox never thought of such a simple thing ?

Only a short while back a Max Keiser working with Al Jazeera did a 'naked shorting' video for that sleezy
Qatar satelite tv station in English.I enquired as to how they said 'naked short selling' in Arabic and that this fraud and term was unique to U.S. penny stocks and the term only promoted by criminals but I never got an answer.How do they say 'naked short selling' in ARABIC ?

Anyway below is what I consider valid and incrimnating evidence that would justify a formal enquery into National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davbidson,who as you know is now promoting the Israeli penny stock scam Pluristem that claims to get stem cells from placentas
Whose,I'd like to know.Stranger Pluristem uses German as well as U.S. exchanges for their scam.And Davidson only a short while back claimed that his Power Channel penny stock was being 'naked shorted' because it was on German exchanges He must have forgot....Is Mr.Davidson with his CIA or at least Frank Carlucci an untouchable ? Why not just be honest(hah)about it and if the CIA 'advises' Chris Naked Shorts'Cox to protect him and his international pump and dump scams let myself and other investors know.Or are Americans such as myself supposed to be targeted by this scum with SEC-CIA blessings ?

So note below that 'Bob O'Brien'of the sanity check states a person(with a boat ?) named James Davidson is the one who pays for NCANS cell phones This after denying ever having heard of Davidson to me time and again in 2005 on Mark Cuban's blogmaverick blog Also if you got that whole thread
that Yahoo deleted from public you'd see all sorts of gun and death threats on the Yahoo NFI message board on June 2,2005.

I believe you already have the writing from James Dale Davidson's old Agora Inc - Vantage Point but the email correspondence between us at the bottom in my opinion should be here for the public record.However I will put two quotes from Davidson below right here at top.

In both Davidson makes mention of a non-existent patent he and 'Dr'David P Summers claim to have gotten (though not even a patent number for it exists ) to use nicotine for something.This is absurd because they never applied for a nicotine patent and I did not invest because of any patent from Davidson but a nicotine patent from Stanford University In truth the frasudulent claim of a nicotine patent by Davidson and Summers was used for two things.One
was an excuse to give Davidson free shares for touting the Endovasc fraud and the other in the end was to create yet another 'public company' with frsh new shares to pump and dump called EVSD which is what the SEC BEGAN TO LOOK AT AT THE END OF LAST YEAR.

This all fraud and I will write about it and Chris Naked Short Cox's and Brent Baker's role in aiding and abettinbg it till I die or it is resolved because the fraud has caused me illness and will kill me if not resolved anyway.
Davidson has so many corrupt Beltway insiders on his side, maybe even Hillary Clinton,but I'll fight what my gov has done to me and scream its corruption till I'm dead or it's resolved or Chris Naked Shorts Cox resigns

Tony Ryals

''I doubt that you have a claim against me over the patent I applied for in conjunction with Dr. Summers, as Endovasc signed a substantial contract with a major nutraceutical firm to market the product. This has all been announced. As to being proud of it, yes, I am. It was a valid insight that has been confirmed in human and animal testing.''

James Davidson,personal correspondence

''I find no logical nexus between your losses and any action of mine. In pure logic, I cannot see how applying for a patent could have destroyed your investment, or exposed it to any material harm whatever. In the absence of any disclosure on your part, I owe you none. And none you will get. If you think you have a claim against me, contact my lawyer, whose e-mail address is listed above.''

James Davidson,personal correspondence


Re: Send, or not? Comment, or copy? RVA by: ncansd3 Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 06/02/05 12:02 am Msg: 310727 of 333497

I would add that copies of emails in which Mr. Eisinger cites very granular banking info regarding NCANS deposits are available if they wish to email me.

What is actually funniest to me is that through all of this, the reporter hasn't considered that he might have found a guy who contributes to NCANS and has used his cash to help the cause - but is someone different than me. Someone who actually has been very helpful with things like procuring anonymous cell phones and the like, but is no more Bob O'Brien than the Granny he went to terrorize. Oh well, I'm sure it will all make great theater, and the attorneys are likely to have a ball with it. Like I said in the beginning - they require a Bob O'Brien at all costs, and it really doesn't matter much whether he is the genuine article or not at the end of the day.

And I'm not telling - not going to do it. Kind of pisses everyone off, I can tell. Sorry guys. But I'm quite sure you have the right guy - keep on keeping on - he sounds like a bad 'un to me. Very mysterious. I was told a sandwich shop was involved. One shudders to think what goes on there. And a boat. I think it's named the James Davidson. It is all unclear at present. Or maybe the sandwiches are subs - those are marine sounding.

Actually, I do kind of wish it was me. Not that it isn't. Or is. Or may be. Or not.

But what I do know is that violating federal laws is a no no last time I checked - and if what they discovered was a big donor to the cause - I hope it was worth someone going to jail over. That's what happens when you violate federal law, I think - I haven't done any federal lawbreaking, so couldn't tell you.

So what do we have at the end of all of this? People who can easily be shown to do anything it takes to get their way, regardless of the law, and who aren't bright enough to get that they are holding nothing. Capital N. Nada. Which they will ultimately find out, as do most who have nothing, over time. In the meanwhile, I think maybe this will be a good mechanism to launch the fiction book - it's about a corrupt, criminally linked hedge fund who sets out to crush a company as part of its serial killing mechanism, who uses the press to do its dirty work and considers itself above the law due to its political contacts, and decides to go after a guy that creates a website that exposes their scheme and creates considerable difficulty for them. I even have a corrupt reporter or two in it. Sort of wrote itself. I think it's a good read. Fast, and believe it or not, has a few similarities to real life.

Have to figure out how to get it out there. I suspect now is the time.

Oh well, good night all. Thanks for all the FBI and WSJ complaints - they will follow up, and they don't just poo poo this sort of thing when it involves attorney trust accounts and feloniously obtained bank records.

We shall see what the day brings.

Posted as a reply to: Msg 310685 by rvac106


James Dale Davidson in his own words about his 'naked short' securities frauds and penny stock pump and dump activity.Although to promote a stock for purpose of dumping shares is illegal,the SEC looks the other way.I am the 'crazy dog' of his obsessions and was posting on as did others to warn about his anti-naked short fraud 'NAANSS' used to divert attention of naive investors from the act that it was him dumping shares and not brokers 'naked shorting'.Mr.Davidson was founder of Agora Publications that has touted numerous questionable penny stocks over years years and has numerous websites and mail fraud scams.Agora even promoted CIA invested penny stock Ionatron that CIA insiders dumped : ve

Lies, Lies, Lies: Stalkers Meet the Stock Market

It is hard to imagine a retiree or a housewife with time on her hands suddenly deciding to make a hobby of posting anonymous slanders on the GeneMax thread. But one can read dozens of embittered messages there complaining of everything but the real problem. For example, some bozo whose screen name translates to "crazy dog" recently posted an outrageous slander of me: "Does Davidson, as founder of National Taxpayers Union, ever pay taxes on fraud pump-dumps he"s orchestrated using "naked shorting" as a subterfuge to mask his fraud?" In one sentence he manages to falsely imply that I have engaged in a whole range of felonies. I don"t know whether to feel flattered that the naked short sellers find me so formidable an opponent that they would stoop to anonymous smears, or to hire a bodyguard.

In any event, I would hope that Mr. "crazy dog" is well paid for his pains. With the possible exception of a few demented people I"ve crossed paths with, I can"t imagine anyone other than stalkers and major parishioners of naked short selling being so obsessed with me. And what humanitarian motive could explain the smears they pour down on GeneMax - a company that if it can raise sufficient funding may possibly help cure cancer? Go figure.

The Electronic Counterfeiter"s Worst Nightmare: Circle Group Holdings Rallies 30,000%

The worst nightmare of naked short sellers is that the companies they attack should survive and actually succeed. When that happens, as recently occurred in the case of Circle Group Holdings Inc. (CXN: AMEX), the counterfeiters are obliged to enter the market and buy the duly authorized shares of the capital stock of the company they have sold. CXN rose by nearly 30,000%, from 3 cents to almost $9, as naked short sellers were obliged to buy and deliver shares they counterfeited prior to CXN"s move to the AMEX.

When you think of what happened in the case of Circle Group Holdings, you can see why the malicious charges leveled against me by anonymous smear-mongers on Web sites are ridiculous. If their assertions that I was orchestrating naked short selling were correct, I would hardly have become one of the leading critics of the practice. Nor would I continue to champion the causes of the companies I had "sent under" by allegedly selling wave after wave of electronically counterfeited stock.

And as the example of CXN demonstrates, the damage done to the share prices of companies targeted for destruction by electronic counterfeiters is also a measure of their upside potential - for everyone but the counterfeiters.

Of course, even the most virulent rantings of Mr. "crazy dog" are unlikely to carry much weight with thinking people. To orchestrate more effective smears, the electronic counterfeiters needed a more apparently credible platform. An Internet site called our-street. com emerged to fill the market arising from naked short sellers for seemingly trustworthy smears of small-cap companies that threaten to succeed.

Thus for one reason or another, our-street. com and its marquee character, who writes under the pseudonym Nick Tracy, stepped up to service this market. Our-street immediately began hurling accusations about securities violations left and right. I first became aware of Nick Tracy and his tendentious exposs when someone sent me a copy of an hysterical attack he did on ChampionLyte Products (CPLY: OTCBB) , a company in which I and a group of investors took a portfolio interest as it attempted to restructure its balance sheet and realize the potential of its low-carb sports drink.

James Davidson,Vantage Point


My correspondence with Davidson and threats from O'Brien by Tony Ryals Sunday October 02, 2005 at 10:07 AM

In 2004 I decided to finally contact Mr.James Dale Davidson personallY,as the Endovasc fraud continued and the SEC did nothing.Below is that correspondence which,in my opinion,might be used by a plagiarisn expert along with James Dale Davidson's fraudulent penny stock promotions found in Agora's 'Vantage Point' or elsewhere to discover if there is a link between Davidson and 'Bob O'Brien' or 'NAANSS' and 'NCANS'.

My correspondence with Mr.James Dale Davidson himself:

Note James Dale Davidson founded 'NAANSS'to mask his own share dumping after illegally using his many internet websites and use of the mail to send out his fraudulent promotions of his many penny stock scams.Note he continues to blather on and on about electronic trading creating counterfit shares.And it's all a lie to mask his share-money laundering operation.

James Dale Davidson replies: By tony ryals on 3/20/2004 8:10:43 PM E-mail: 'James Dale Davidson' answers,or avoids answering,as the case may be, Ryals email:

Dear Mr. Ryals,

Who are you? I infer from your rantings below that you are delusional. But perhaps more than that? Perhaps you are malicious, and in the employ of electronic counterfeiters who have feasted on the corpses of small public companies ever since the advent of electronic clearing? I can think of no other motivation that would explain your letter. By and large, normal people do not sit around inventing malicious fantasies about someone they don't even know.

Obviously, you have your own agenda, so you are unlikely to be swayed by anything I might say. I recognize that. But for what it's worth, I have never been involved in any "pump and dump" exercise. For the record, you have been warned. I would advise you not to repeat your malicious slanders in a public forum, or I shall be obliged to take legal action for redress.

Sincerely, James Davidson

P.S. By the way, your search for a company I have been involved with which was a success for its investors could not have been very diligent. As it happens, there was a long op ed piece in the Washington Post this week by a small investor who made so much money following my advice that filing his taxes had become a burden for him.

Tony Ryals wrote:

Dear Mr.James Dale Davidson, I have meant to contact you for some time regarding my Endovasc 'investment'.I have no idea when you left the 'company' but by the time you did it had dumped millions of shares while fraudulently claiming the 'shareholder value' was the result of Schwab's, Ameritrade's, Refco's,'s, 'naked shorting.Was 'famed trial attorney O'Quinn'perhaps misled to believe that all those shares were the result of 'naked shorting' rather than the apparent pump dump operation it turned to be ?

I also noted you were greatly responsible for founding the 'naanss' group that blamed most shareholder penny stock losses on 'naked shorting'.Is this just a smoke screen for defrauding Americans and laundering their money through massive share dumping that cannot easily be tracked ? Was the account Mr.Cantrell set up at Schwab with an insider for millions of seemingly free shares a part of your November 2002 pump dump ?

I have looked continuously for a company you have been involved with that was a success for its shareholder-investors. And you know I can't seem to find one although for some reason you always appear to have pumped and dumped the stock through your own myriad publications. Sometimes I believe 'The Soveriegn Individual'explains your own modus operendi of using the internet for anonymously influencing naive investors to buy while you dump the shares you have gotten for free from penny stock 'management' and then use your offshore shells including 'LOM' anmd 'New Paradigm' among many others to hide launder that money you stole from Americans so as not to pay taxes on the theft.That is doubly humorous and fraudulent coming from one who pretends to be an American patriot,even involving yourself in political intrigue,and who prides in having founded the 'National Taxpayers Union'.

Also you have claimed publically the the 'SEC lies'. This I will not comment on but to say they rarely say anything at all.And only through 'freedom of information act' can you get a thing out of them. However you also tell me in your 'Vantage Point'that you received a few shares of Endovasc by way of a 'nicotine patent'that you applied for with 'Dr.Summers.Could you please inform me what the patent number is or was it approved ? Then at another time you claim to have a 'substantial' holding of Endovasc shares through an unidentified source.Was this as a 'consultant'or what,I really don't understand.You see the only reason I 'invested' in 2001 was because of the Stanford nicotine patent for angiogenesis.Now if you left another as you claim in exchange for shares I would like to know about it.

Finally, as an off topic from my Endovasc losses due to a fraudulent pump dump, I would like to ask if you still think Bill Clinton murdered your former employee, CIA Chief Willam Colby ? Try as I might I cannot find any statement from Mr.Colby re the death of Vince Foster nor any reason to believe he agreed with you that Bill Clinton killed his own friend. Sincerely, Tony Ryals

James'Fraud'Davidson and MOD Ventures:

27 N. Summerlin Ave. Orlando,Florida 32801 James Dale Davidson Private Investor, Entrepreneur, Analyst and Author. Mr. Davidson has extensive experience in entrepreneurial executive management/venture finance. Author, with Lord William Rees-Mogg, Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad, The Great Reckoning, and The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age. Founder of Agora Publishing, The Hulbert Financial Digest, and Strategic Investment. Director of Pickering Chatto Publishers, London. Principal of The Fleet Street Press. Founder (natural resource companies) Oroperu, Sedna Geotech, Ouro Brasil, Oro Argentina, Consolidated African Holdings, Anatolia Minerals Development Corporation. President, New Paradigm Capital, a private merchant bank based in Bermuda, a former director of Banco Comafi S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina and Cardlink Worldwide, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Current North American technology and Internet related affiliations: BestTransport, Mariah Vision3, Interactive Retail Management, Internet Transactions Transnational, NewsMax Media, Advanced Power Devices, Packetup Corporation, Stardata, and CyGene. Founder, MIVI Therapeutics and GeneMax Pharmaceuticals. Chairman, Wharekauhau Holdings Ltd., Featherston, New Zealand, Director, Martinborough Vineyards, Martinborough, New Zealand, and Palliser Properties, Ltd, Auckland, Deputy Chairman, BEVsystems, Founder and Director, New World Premium Brands, Auckland, New Zealand (winery roll-up and distribution).

Re: James Dale Davidson replies: By tony ryals on 3/21/2004 3:41:57 PM E-mail:

My Ryals,

You don't identify yourself. Really, that is rather uncivil, though hardly more uncivil than your initial missive which accuses me of a number of felonies of which I know I am innocent. Under the circumstances, I have no interest in keeping up an extended correspondence with you, given that you have made it quite clear that you are prejudiced against me and prepared to leap to conclusions which are remote from the facts.

That said, I doubt that you have a claim against me over the patent I applied for in conjunction with Dr. Summers, as Endovasc signed a substantial contract with a major nutraceutical firm to market the product. This has all been announced. As to being proud of it, yes, I am. It was a valid insight that has been confirmed in human and animal testing.


James Davidson

Tony Ryals wrote:

Dear Mr. James Dale Davidson, I appreciate your attempt at a reply but other than your name calling there was a total disregard for the questions I posed.Others,than you or I, who are both biased as to whether your 'Vantage Point' Endovasc articles are pump dumps,can deal with that.

I, as an 'investor' in Endovasc long before you appeared,would just like to focus on the nicotine patent you wrote with Dr.Summers.Remember that you proudy announced that you had co-patented it with Dr.Summers in 'Vantage Point' in 2002 when the stock was being featured in 'Vantage Point' ? Where can I find the number of this patent ? And just how many shares did it cost us, the humble naive investors who bought our shares the old fahioned way ,through those dirty naked shorting mms such as Charles Schwab ? You are more sophistiated re securities than I so you might help me locate this tranacton in SEC filings or fill me in as to why such minor details are not requred in SEC filings.

Your assistance in locating this patent that all EVSC INVESTORS ARE MOST PROUD OF IS MOST APPRECIATED.


Tony Ryals

James Dale Davidson proud of securities frauds: By tony ryals on 3/25/2004 5:23:40 PM E-mail:

Dear Mr. Ryals,

Needless to say, I regret that you lost money in Endovasc or, indeed, in any investment. That said, your fixation on exploring this issue with me is entirely misplaced. By your own admission, you did not invest in Endovasc on my say-so. In the somewhat patchy account of your complaint that emerges between the lines of your demanding and unpleasant communication, I find no logical nexus between your losses and any action of mine. In pure logic, I cannot see how applying for a patent could have destroyed your investment, or exposed it to any material harm whatever. In the absence of any disclosure on your part, I owe you none. And none you will get. If you think you have a claim against me, contact my lawyer, whose e-mail address is listed above.

Otherwise, I will treat your further communications as spam in the same category as a certificate for a $10 savings on any Teddy Bear purchased in April, notice of a free poetry contest, something about "Ronald Reagan's greatest laughs," and the inevitable promise to enlarge my penis by "up to five inches guaranteed." Att is sending through a lot of malarkey, including too much from you. You have not behaved as a gentleman in any respect in our correspondence. I won't miss hearing from you.


James Davidson

Tony Ryals wrote:

Dear James Dale Davidson, Is this your way of saying no patent exists ? All I asked was for the patent number, or if it is still pending,the date it was applied for.I would presume this patent is part of the pink sheet 'evsc' branch as that is the entity I presume is related to the $1.5 million something or other.Sure I would like to know how many shares were given to you for the patent as well. Also I am glad for you that Stanford did not challenge it as it appears it may be covered in their own patents.Stanford angiogenesis patent by the way can be located on internet. As I lost 99% of my 'share value' due to supposed 'naked shorts'I would at least like to have full disclosure re this patent. You and the doctor must have a copy describing the patent. May I see it ?


.......................................................... Senator Bennett,penny stock scam,Cheetah Club

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