Subject: File No. S7-16-18
From: Dom L Laviola

August 9, 2018

This proposal is nothing short of Grand Larceny, and the evidence of this attempted crime in progress, is within the proposal itself.

The OWB is mandated by Congress to have issued awards to whistleblowers that follow the FINAL rules the OWB has operated by and reported to the Inspector General as needing no changes.

The part of the proposal targeting independent analysis by redefining the rules in such a way as to fend off any lawsuits and prevent any grandfathering provisions, by classifying them as "clarifications," which any idiot can read the Final rules and know without any doubt that the misrepresentations being made by the OWB, are wrong.

The footnotes state that the OWB intends to dent future and EXISTING claims, if the proposal is approved, and goes on to state that even if the proposed rules are not approved, the OWB intends to substitute its own rules for the Final rules, that govern the agency.

Rather than award eligible whistleblowers that risked everything by coming forward, as mandated by Congress, the OWB has hoarded hundreds of claims without issuing a decision on them, and now seeks not only a complete revision of the rules everyone but the OWB followed, but also wants the power of God, in deciding whether the SEC 'COULD HAVE" figured it out without the whistleblowers tip, which is a condition that can be used to deny EVERY claim submitted or allow the agency to pick and choose those colleagues and fields which they are more in touch with.

They will be able for example, to decide not to award a claim, because the SEC doesnt want to make a big deal out of naked short selling cases.

Ther proposal states that the SEC has always defined the rules as they are falsely asserting them to be, and the proof of that is the fact that here they are, requesting permission to redefine...or clarify existing rules as if US citizens have no reading comprehension ability, and they go on to assume to know what Congress intended, yet the basis foir the rules from Dodd - Frank were hammered out and agreed to and voted on and the SEC had a good deal of input in the entire process.

All of the above is for the sole purpose, of allowing the SEC's OWB to deny what are presumably, award eligible claims under the majority definition of the rules, or they would not need the change in order to deny the AWARTD ELIGIBLE claims as they stand today....Not awarded to the tipsters that earned them, is defiance of the directive of Congress to issue those awards

Why would they hoard hundreds of claims such as these? I'd bet that the ones they have ready to burn in a fire, are those that are not represented by an attorney, but thats just a guess...

A better hypothesis is the fact that the SEC has had its budget cut, and sees the more than $400 million set aside for the payment of the awards the agency has hoarded instead of paying to the people that earned it, as the means to an end. By denying the awards, that money cvan be allocated to other SEC purposes...70-90% wasnt enough for the Commission...they have to steal the 10 to 30 % the people that brought these cases to the attention of the SEC, should have been awarded already, but have not been preparation for the theft of $400 million from the SEC's own whistleblowers.

This is a white collaar crime in progress that makes the crimes the SEC investigates look like shoplifting cases.

There would be no other reason that they would lie about what is an obvious directive and definitiuon of what constitutes a whistleblower....the only reason to lie, is to cover up another lie...a wrongdoing of some kind...the lies would be unneccessary if the proposal was genuine. the request to include a clarification that in no way shape or form, is fitting for the subject matter as it stands...wreaks of corruption.

The person that put those footnotes should be commended. I suspect they knew that the truth had to be known and that it would expoise the lie.

No one is THIS stupid. They are stealing 400 million from whistleblowers and assisting in whatever retaliation the whistleblowers have been subjected to, by now looking to leave them high and dry after years of waiting, with no possible means to correct the injustice...all because of a word...a lie...clarifications.

and to state that they will adopt their invented definition whether the measure is passed or not, is criminal in and of itself. This is not North Korea, Cuba , Nazi Germany or the like...we live in a democracy...perhaps the powers that be over there shoud be looked into...because this is no less than the theft of 400 million in progress..and any votes for it, should be investigated fully by auithorities...someone knows this is a theft and has help getting it cannot be permitted, and those awards MUST be paid, or the SEC might as well close its doors and open a case against itself for making Wall Street look like Saints.

Every dollar taken from an award goes back to the SEC....400 million plus right tell me this is about anything else, and I'll tell you that you're in on it. Grand Larceny that should be looked into criminally....Americans are NOT stupid.

This will not stand.

Do your jobs and stop screwing your own wb's. WTF is wrong with you people? Pay them. Check the news....they're dying out there waiting on you. Google it