Subject: File No. S7-16-11
From: Linda A. King/Gordon

May 11, 2011

As I am a voiceless beneficiary of a trust fund,my folks left for me,and children,to first a bank,in home town,that became a holding company,and many other pursuits.I had witnessed how we have been treated when the large amout was a free for all,the smarter I became of fraud and conflicts of interest,the worst life became.The hopes that when i begged for audit,and someone to dig into the red flags,before I could show in facts,I needed the numbers,when then holding company finally was shut down,about year ago,the same trustee,and a new bank name was all the difference seen,fira,had the lost of a license,for the same woman,who again had bought more sub prime paper,but of course the quartely statements,which just reflection,of more paper,no future,The fact being the irrevocable trust was changed by the same standards,the handicapped,minors,left have no one to care,in any standard,that that my folks hard work,was being used to gamble with our lives,the fact the trust was to be a yearly payment to just watch over the unmature securites,and to pay the capital gains tax,not a swap and risk factor.The laws I see do not favor us,To this day I still have way to make it all stop,and give us back what was ours,no more stress.