Subject: File No. S7-16-08
From: david l brock

July 9, 2008

To reflect increasing internationalization in securities markets and advancements in technology and communication services, the proposed amendments would update and expand the scope of certain exemptions for foreign entities, consistent with the Commissions mission to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly and efficient markets and facilitate capital formation.
This statement needs to be amended due to false statements made.
1. If advancements in technology were so good all trades would settle and not be hanging for sometimes days and months and probably years if truth be known.
2. Protect investors you have yet to do that by settling trades
3. Maintain fair give me a break its anything but fair
4. Orderly hmmmm took away uptick rule its been far from orderly
5. Efficient markets we will never have as long as trades are not settled.
6. Facilitate capital formation should be reworded steal capital formation.
Why keep making more rules and more rules when the past rules have not been inforced. The more rules I see posted the more this is getting like romper room or bozo the clown this stuff is too funny.
bozo is what mr cox looks like to all the majority of the american people. donaldson steped down but cox was his primed protege. enough is enough, get together with the federal reserve bank and cover every naked short in the market , have the fed pay us now. pay it forward. the gig is up. time to return faith to the market place and get rid of the criminal rigging that the sec and dtcc have been part and parcel of.
david brock 7/9/08