Subject: File No. S7-16-07
From: Helene D. Hicks, SR

August 14, 2007

I am opposed to Chairman Cox's proposal of new rules to weaken or eliminate sharholder's RIGHTS to file sharholder resolutions. In this day and age where there seems to be a "non-interest" in participation in government and responsible leadership roles, this move seems to intensify the downward trend The past 3 decades shareholders have been able to make sound, solid judgments regarding advocacy with businesses on behalf of economic justice, equality and environmental stewardship and having success at many endeavors. I would hate to see this disappear. Our country/world need persons concerned and willing to do - to dare- to face and question those large corporations that frequently think only of the $$$$$ and not the overall well-being of our planet and people of the world. The basic, fundemental rights of people and in this case shareholders, needs to be retained and enforced. I am opposed to Chairman Cox's proposal.