Subject: S7-16-07

School Sisters of Notre Dame
345 Belden Hill Road
Wilton, CT 06897

September 27, 2007

Dear Chairman Cox,

At a time that corporate scandals have been on the ascendancy coupled with excessive executive compensation, taking away shareholder resolutions would be a step in wrong direction.

As an investor, I strongly believe that a shareholder resolution is the only form of democratic tool that allows me to have a say in the company that I am a part of owner. Being able to push or support resolutions is my only way of ensuring that the company that I invest in heads in the direction that I wish it would move into.

Moreover shareholder resolutions is a way of having more accountability and transparency in corporate governance. As a strong advocate of "Corporate Citizenship", shareholder resolutions ensure that corporations do not become solely profit oriented but also have a soul by being good corporate citizens.

I strongly urge you to protect the right of shareholders by ensuring that the last remaining frontier we have in the form of shareholder resolutions is protected.