Subject: Please protect shareholder rights (File No. S7-16-07)

Chairman Christopher Cox
Securities and Exchange Commission
100 F Street, NE
Washington, DC 20549-1090

September 25, 2007

Chairman Christopher Cox

Like hundreds of others, I'm writing to request that you protect the right of investors to file shareholder resolutions and urge you to take no action on the proposed initiatives that would curtail or eliminate this essential right.

I recently took a volunteer trip to the United Republic of Tanzania. I was there for three weeks taking pictures and teaching English to students who were hungry to achieve better scores on exams, and thus, eventually, better jobs for themselves and their families. The overall goal was personal enrichment as a lead-in to economic strength and national stability.

Should American businesses perceive this as a threat? These kids - and their teachers, and their bosses, and their prospective businesses, and certainly their politicians - take their eco-political cues from the United States. If the biggest fish in the pond are American corporations, then the only chance we stand to shift world values in business is by putting our money where our collective mouth is. And we have a better chance than most.

In essence: if a big company is playing by the rules - legislative as well as moral - then they have nothing to hide. And if smaller companies see this example, they, too, will work for greater transparency and, thus, improved communities. I don't think you need me to explain how the one progenitates the other. It may be a gamble, but world markets are only as good as the companies leading them.

Thank you for your attention to my comments.

Steve Macfarlane