Subject: SEC File Number S7-16-07

September 17, 2007

Dear Chairman Cox: Corporate America must be restrained before they harm what used to be a wonderful country more. The corporations will gladly take their stockholders money, but they are very reluctant to behave in the way the stockholders want. Conbinding shareholder proposals provide some accountability for corporations that will trash any ecosystem to make money. These damn corporations fail to understand that a large percentage of their shareholders abhor corporations that: 1) trample human rights, 2) harm and unneeded pain to animals, 3) make products produce global warming emissions, or produce such emissions at their factories, and 4) harm the environment. Most corporate CEOs think people will flock to invest in coreporations that make money in spite of the fact they participate in 1) - 4) above. These CEOs are so wrong. To the vast majority of educated investors, there are things more important than money. Thank you, Dick Artley