Subject: Comments to SEC on File Number S7-16-07

September 12, 2007

Dear SEC Commissioners:

I object to proposals which will restrict or eliminate shareholders' rights to offer proxy resolutions. I am a shareholder in a variety of companies and I have participated in offering proxy resolutions. I do not want my ability to communicate my concerns to corporate managers to be weakened, much less eliminated.

The existing system works well to facilitate communication between management and shareholders. Many companies are performing better and more responsibly as a result of the current system. The substitution of electronic forums such as chat rooms is not an acceptable alternative.

The SEC would be unwise and irresponsible to adopt proposals which undermine investor protection and good corporate governance. I urge you to reject any and all proposals which reduce shareholders' rights to offer proxy resolutions and to engage in constructive conversation with corporate management.


Tanya M. Russ