Subject: File No. s7-15-16
From: Tommy Dahl
Affiliation: Retired

September 22, 2016

Over the past 10 years and historically Sr. Management has demanded salary and bonus increases ranging from 10-20% per year while holding employees to no more than 2-3% per year.
While more pressure to increase employee copensation has been high lighted recently it does not come close to keeping up with the True cost of living.
Many if not ALL CEO's are overly compensated. The Mylem CEO taking a $19MM yearly income off the backs of innocent children.
The Wells Fargo CEO forcing (directly or indirectly) rank file employees to achieve excessive demands for sales quotas and to comgpromise their own integrity to save their jobs only to loose them as the "Scape Goats" for CEO and Sr. Management.
The customers got SCREWED, the employees got SCREWED, the stockholders got SCREWED while CEO Sr. Management get off free??

I would like to see a comparison of salaries broken down by
CEO, Sr. Mgt., Board of Directors and employees in each quarterly statement. This should show number of employees in each catagory and average percentage of salary increase.

While Wall Street continues to belly ache about regulations
each unscroopulus event brings the need for another regulation.

The term "Independent Director" is a Misnomer. To quote Jim Cramer " there is no such thing as an independent director, they play golf at the same Country Club, their children attend the same private schools and their wives all fly to Europe to shop together".