Subject: File No.
From: Warren W West, CLU, ChFC
Affiliation: Senior Financial Services Representative, Registered Representative, Financial Advisor

November 2, 2010

Re: File S7-15-10

I have been a registered representative for more than 35 years.

While I support the rule to continue the 25 basis point fee to help offset the cost of customer service, I am opposed to the rule that allows broker dealers to issue new sets of mutual funds with discretion to set their own sales charges and commission amounts.

While this competition seems to make sense, I fear the big losers will be my small to medium account holders. Continued price competition could make it impossible for me to provide service to these smaller accounts who cannot afford to pay me fees for my services.

Without the services of a professional, these (often less sophisticated) customers may be left on their own when making critical investment decisions.

Thanks for listening.

Warren Buster West, CLU, ChFC