Subject: File No.
From: Shirley A Krenik

November 1, 2010

I very strongly oppose brokers being able to set their own
commissions for sales of Mutual Funds. This would expose
investors to extremely greedy fees and mishandling of their money. There is no rhyme or reason to such a move.
It would be wonderful if the government could just leave well enough alone just for once. If we have any more
intervention by the government, there will be no government for and by the people. The every-day person will no longer have any "say" about anything other than
more tea party moves and eventual abolishment of our present government system.

I sold securities for 10 years. I know what the majority of brokers would do if such a system was passed into law.
All they would be concerned about would be lining their own
pockets - no remorse as to what it would do to a client.

Shirley Krenik
Life Health Agent