Subject: File No.
From: Paul Foley
Affiliation: Registered Rep w/ MML investors Services,Inc

October 27, 2010

RE:File Number S7-15-10
As a registered rep who has been working with individuals for more than 25 years I would like to encourage you to maintain the 25bp fee as a service fee. Most wealthy investors can afford to pay the 1-2% or more fees charged by RIA's. Smaller investors however, are overlooked by both RIA's and increasingly the wire houses. Furthermore, studies show that investors who "do it themselves" have a terrible track record. People are emotionally attached to their own money and therefore frequently make improper decisions born of fear or greed. The 12b1 fee allows reps like me to stay with clients years after the "sale" is made. Truth is I would probably still help them, but as a group who would be able to service them without being paid?