Subject: File No.
From: Leonard Mirabile

October 27, 2010

File # S7-15-10

To whom it may concern:
I have been a licensed professional RR for over 30 years.
I support welcome your pursuit of transparency in all the information we provide that is necessary for the investor to make prudent decisions. As a professional, I have done this my entire career. Therefore I support SEC rule 12b-2, which will compensate me for ongoing service over the years in this increasingly complicated market tax environment.

However, I am against competition based on cost. Althought his might seem on the surface to benefit the investor, it is likely to do so only initially for the long-term investments we often suggest. Investors access to a professional to answers their questions for years after the initial sale . Additionally, periodically they may need modification to their portfolios. Reduced comp will force us to continuously pursue new sales to make up for lost revenues tend to disregard those who no longer will help us stay in business. What harm would this bill have caused if it were in effect in 2008 no advisor would have been available to sooth the investor fears provide guidance. We cannot sell a commodity walk away. We must be provide suitable products be incentivized to provide ongoing service advice with changing circumstances.

Don't just pass a reg because it seems good on the surfice. Think it ALL the way through.