Subject: File No.
From: Louis P Pettinato

October 27, 2010

Dear Sir,

I have been a licensed insurance professional and registered representative since 1995. I am writing to support SEC rule 12b-2 which would continue the 25 basis points fee that is used to ensure that registered representatives render ongoing service and advice to their clients.

I would like to raise a strong objection, however to any attempt to force mutual fund companies to issue new share classes atNAV which would therefore allow broker dealers to set thrir own fees for service.

I believe this would devalue the role of the financial advisor and potentially damage their relationships with their clients.

The end result i believe would be to injure precisely the people regulatory reform was ostensibley meant to help-the middle class. This would of cousre occur as representatives
were forced to draw back on advice and on service. In the end this could leave investing and saving only to the upper classes who could pay fees for advice.

I hope you will consider the unintended consequences for such an actio. Thank you for considering this opinion.

Louis P. Pettinato