Subject: 12b-2 rule and S7-15-10 rule to allow B/Ds to set fee structure.

October 27, 2010

Please put me on record as agreeing that a better disclosure of marketing and sales fees is a good idea.

However, after helping middle income investors for over 24 years and not having a minimum account size, I can see where the rule to allow Broker-Dealers to set their own fees will hurt a lot of my clients. Many top advisors have minimum account size requirements before they work with a client. The wealthy clients will still get this advise because they can pay for it under our advisory fee structure. This new rule will hurt the small investor or the new investor who needs guidance. It will not make it economically feasible for me to do the hand-holding I do now with those clients. I feel passionate that people do want solid, honest advise when it comes to their retirement savings. By having a consistent fee that all brokerage firms charge it assures the client that someone is not ripping them off by charging more or less than the firm down the street. While competition is good in reducing the overall fees that would be charged it actually hurts the consumers.

Thank you,
Sherri A. Mitchell, CLU
Financial Advisor