Subject: File No. S7-15-10
From: Monda Hanna

July 30, 2010

Dear SEC,
As a registered representative for twenty seven years, and as our industry has changed to a fee and commission basis at brokerage firms, the 12b1 fees you are talking about are disclosed to my clients during the consultation, by prospectus, on any illustration, hypothetical, and full sales charges are shown, to show how this effects their possible(future) returns on their mutual fund. In addition some mutual fund companies show sales charges on their statements so client can be fully aware, eg. Blackrock funds.

We are compensated .25 bpoints and our firm realizes 59% of this and we earn 41% of .25bpoints. This is not unreasonable for the time daily managing the investments for our clients. I also help them with breakpoints, and repurchases that each fund allows, usually ninety days.

My colleagues have been disclosing this since we were registered and will continue to keep vigilant in our efforts to manage a great business.
Please do not take what small amount we received to work daily for our clients. Continue to bring the people who are without integrity to justice,
and let those of us who love our business, continue to do our jobs well.

Best regards,

Monda Hanna