Subject: File No.
From: Rod L Goeman
Affiliation: Farmers Financial Solutions Representative

October 27, 2010

File Number S7-15-10

Human nature would hurt customer service with the efforts to make fees competition-based among brokers. It would be a disservice to clients because while representatives are interested in maintaining high quality service to their existing clients, as trailing income dwindles, it would be natural for reps to seek new business commissions far ahead of maintaining a strong customer service base which retains existing clients and provides them with the advice and information they need on an ongoing basis. This isn't Geico or Progressive insurance where people simply look for cheap. We're talking about retirement income, and mistakes or lack of service will affect people's ability to provide for themselves after they retire. Considering that only about 5% of our population retires with more than the equity in their home, causing fee competition among mutual fund brokers would eventually hurt service and advice because in a capitalistic society, if there's no money to be made, there's no attention given. This is human nature and part of our culture as a nation. Thank you.