Subject: File No.
From: Russell W Crooks, Jr
Affiliation: CEO Retirement Benefits Group

October 27, 2010

I am concerned with the proposed rule that allows Broker/Dealers to set commissions on securities products. This will undoubtedly result in price warfare with B/D's cutting commissions in order to increase market share. The loser will be the consumer. Compensation to the service provider, the Registered Rep, will not be adequate to provide service. Broker/Dealers do not provide service to the consumer and rely upon the Registered Reps. A continual reduction of compensation makes service no longer affordable. As a result during periods such as we experienced in October 2008, the individual will not receive support and advice.

B/D's have demonstrated a long standing inability to provide service to the public. Their role has been regulatory. Placing the client relationship management with the B/D will only result in a further deteriation of service and a loss of confidence in the financial services industry by the public. I would urge a full re-evaluation of this proposal.

Russell W. Crooks, Jr.
CEO Retirement Benefits Group