Subject: File No. S7-15-10
From: Jeffrey A Watts

October 15, 2010

As an investor in the Motley Fool Independence Fund I appreciate any efforts on the part of the SEC to lessen the shroud of "invisibility" when it comes to fees and commissions.

Odd as it may sound, I work for a living and do or cannot afford the time it takes to figure out in detail what my investment is costing me. This is one of many reasons for alining my family with the MF Independence Fund. They are (or have been thus far) forthright and honest. Though much of what they say is beyond me they have given me reason to believe in investing with them over thousands of others.

Much the same with lawyers, I win, I lose, I still get paid. Obviously, not so in the private sector of us working stiffs...I win, I might get paid, I lose, I will pay and pay and pay

Keep it up. Make "shadowdowland" a thing of the past. I have no objection to anyone making a living, it is just, how do they do it and what cost to me.