Subject: File No. S7-15-10
From: James R Wisniewski

October 5, 2010

Once again, is government trying to control the free market or is the SEC bowing to the pressure from the fee based planners. When you add the fee's these planners charge to the expenses of any mutual fund, they surpass those of the C-Shares. MFS completed a study some years back comparing A, B and C shares. On a $10,000 deposit, it
took 9 years for a A share to outperform a C Share. After
10 years the difference was on $54 in favor of an A Share.
On $100,000 the breakeven was 8 years and the difference was only $452 in favor of the A share. When this is presented to a client, they can determine what is in their best intererst. Look at the study completed a fews back by the NASD and the average time a mutual fund investor remained in the same fund was less than 6.7 years.

Whether it is 12B-1 fees or asset management fees the old adage still rings true: "Price is only a concern in the absent of value" Let the free market decide on this.