Subject: File No. S7-15-10
From: T.J. Samuelson

September 1, 2010

As a long time financial representative, it has been in my clients best interest to have C shares as an important share class in clients account.

This allows me an my advisors to ongoingly be fairly compensated for our ongoing client management on an equal and fair basis. The more we return for our client the more we both succeed.

The C share keeps advisors motivated to service and advise our clients. An upfront large sales charge would less effectively allow for ongoing client and account management.

If advisors choose an 'A' share for their client, that is their choice for ongoing sevice or lack their of in the long term.

If asked if client would prefer ongoing long term advisement for their assets or pay an upfront charge with less advisorship over time. This choice is most always likely the former.

Clients come to advisors for the ongoing service not one time initial consultaion.
thank you.
mr tj samuelson