Subject: File No. S7-15-10
From: stephen b sawtelle

May 10, 2011

I am submitting my opposition with the SEC's proposals regarding changes they are recommending regarding 12B1 fees/mutual fund distribution fees. As both an investor and working as a registered representative for over 30 years this proposal shows just how out of touch the SEC is with both investors and those of us that work in the financial industry. It's obvious that the SEC employees proposing these changes have never personally been involved in recommending/selling of mutual funds because if they had they would see that this does no service to either the investor, broker and mutual fund company nor does it have anything at all to do with protecting investors. With all of the problems taking place on Wall Street would we not be better served by utilyzing your personnel on far more serious problems? Perhaps you should address the excessive fee structures that Variable Annuities charge not to mention the gross misrepresentations and and abusive sales being made on a daily basis. Have you not questioned the "meteoric increase" in variable annuity sales with their excessive fee structures?This will be yet another "fraud" that will soon take place that the SEC seems oblivious to.Thank you for allowing me to comment