Subject: File No. S7-15-10
From: Stan Kuzak

January 28, 2011

Hello SEC,

Sorry I'm late on the matter but I just found it.
Basically I was very unhappy that it appears that Commissioners Casey and Paredes want a perfect world and unless they get it they'll not recommend any stricter enforcement of anything. Maybe if they had their life savings damaged or totally lost they would think a little differently.

I myself have been ripped off by the wonderful fraud called 12b1.
My financial adviser stuffed my IRA with Growth Fund of America (GFAFX) so as to get the hidden kick-back commissions.
What was worse than the annual .25% hidden commissions he was getting was the huge losses I took by being stuck with the dismal performing fund for 4 years.
I only found out after finally getting totally frustrated with the Adviser and was in the process of having my IRA moved. The new IRA management firm would not take the American Fund and so I started investigating to why not. Up to then I had NO IDEA what a 12b1 even was. The more I found out the sicker I got.
The Adviser and his boss the Director refused to answer any of my questions and immediately Lawyered Up. I then corresponded with the Lawyer and that accomplished absolutely nothing but stonewalling and still refusing to answer my questions about the 12b1 American Fund.

I'm now trying to figure out why the SEC is so reluctant to close this scam ???

Regards, Stan Kuzak