Subject: File No. S7-13-11
From: Mayor Marty B O'Malley
Affiliation: Mayor, Forest Hills Borough PA

April 6, 2011

If I got to pick my own pay rate,
I too would be paid at hundreds/thousands
of times the rate of the workers.
But I don't.

However the SEC allows Public Corporations
to shield/hide/subvert the compensation decision process through legalized stealth/subterfuge/deceit.

FACT: The SEC is controlled/manipulated/corrupted by the senior officers of the CORPORATIONS it was supposed
to be monitoring/overseeing/controlling.

And corporate executive compensation is prima facie evidence that SEC is NOT doing its mandated job.

The corrupt SEC officers could/should be sued for failure to perform their mandated duties.

SEC officers' failures occur because the SEC officers grovel to be part of the club/clique/fraternity and assume there will never be accountability.

But times are changing... look at Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Syria,etc.

Those changes occurred over months, not generations as the SEC officers assume they will have to avoid the repercussions of corruption.