Subject: File No. S7-12-18
From: Tom Wernoch

September 28, 2018

Chairman Clayton,

Investors deserve to have critical financial information available to them in writing and in hard copy. Having this information accessible via mail in their homes, gives all investors the best chance to stay informed and fully aware of investment information such as fund performance and fund changes as just two examples. Financial information for many is more readable in paper format. Investors that are not aware of fund changes, are at a disadvantage. Forcing them to pursue information online is simply dangerous and poses risks. Information is so critical in this fast paced world, and continuing to have investors receive this information at home is still a viable way to ensure it is received. Please consider the ramifications of investors not being informed if changes are made to the current model. Allowing investors to receive information via US Mail should remain the first choice in these matters. Sincerely, Tom Wernoch