Subject: File No. S7-12-18
From: Amy Wellington

September 3, 2018

I wanted to share 2 points:

1. If investors have their email address on file with their broker or fund, then fund documents should be sent, by default, electronically. This is 2018 and we need to treat investors and the environment right and not bend to the whims of the paper industry and postal union.

2. I own ETFs, mutual funds and closed-end funds. I am particularly concerned about closed-end funds which seems to have been left out of disclosure reforms.

If you own a closed-end fund, there is not on place to find a funds strategies, risks and fees (all they show is changes to strategies and policies in their annual report so to see a fund's info, you must look at the original prospectus and each subsequent shareholder report). There is not management's discussion of fund performance, or any consistent performance presentation.

I am also concerned that investors may be confused by the name ETF and how it may or may no be different from traded closed-end funds.

Thank you.