Subject: File No. S7-12-11
From: Richard Gill

May 31, 2011

I am writing to submit this comment on Memorial Day as the country is remembering our fallen through speeches, ceremonies, parades and family back yard barbecues. As a veteran of the US Army Special Forces and Rangers, I believe there is a better way to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed all.

I returned from Mosul, Iraq in 2007 after being notified my mother had a recurrence of her cancer. Being the medic in my family, I took charge of watching over her treatment to avoid the inevitable complications involved in such treatment. I was able to avert several major complications by paying close attention to her condition throughout the course of treatment.

I was unable to do anything but stand by helplessly and watch, however, as her finances melted away with the financial crash brought on by unwatchful, unengaged, so-called regulators who were perhaps more interested in protecting those they were charged to regulate than the public they took a solemn oath to protect.

You can’t imagine how hopeless it feels to witness such a catastrophe brought on by such apparent arrogance, greed and brazen disregard for the welfare of the common public. Especially when compared to the self sacrifice and dedication of those who we remember today.

I would like to suggest that you, as public servants, have the opportunity to pay proper tribute by showing the same courage, the same disregard for self preservation and same dedication to preserving and improving our more perfect union as did our fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. You can do so by standing up for the ordinary citizen against the well financed special interests of Wall Street.

So many of the heroes we honor today were ordinary citizens who answered the call to service. Who now will answer the call to protect the public from further financial pillaging by the Wall Street mercenaries? It falls to you. You volunteered for the positions you are in as public servants. What will be your legacy?

I wish you a happy Memorial Day 2011.

Richard Gill

Victoria, TX