Subject: End Wall Street's Game of 'Heads I Win, Tails You Lose' s7-12-11

May 27, 2011

Elizabeth Murphy
100 F Street, NE
Washington, DC 20549

Dear Murphy,

Dear Sirs,

My entire family is still suffering from the financial meltdown that was a direct result of Wall Street greed. My husband lost his job and had to take another with no benefits. When he's sick, he simply doesn't get paid. In the past two years, he's looked for a better job, but there's nothing out there. I'm a teacher and now the state budgets have been slashed because of lack of revenue. My job is in danger. Of course the lack of revenue is because everyone's broke. Everyone's broke because of Wall Street. It sickens me that these executives are given an obscene amount of money for "performances" that enriched themselves but bankrupted this country. They should not be allowed to walk away with bonuses while the nation is reeling! We need tough rules so that Wall Street pay packages don't encourage short-term risk taking.

Your rules should require at least a five year deferral period for executive bonuses at big banks, ban executive hedging of their pay packages, and require specific details from banks on precisely how they ensure that executives will share in the long-run risks created by their decisions. It should apply to the full range of important financial institutions, and draw in all the key executives at those companies.

Sincerely, Darlene Sanchez

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Ms. Darlene Sanchez