Subject: File No. S7-12-11
From: Tony Zaino

May 27, 2011


To Whom It May Concern,

The so called "middle class" 20% of the US Population currently owns a measly 4% of the total assets in this country.  Amazingly, the 40% of the population below that bracket fool themselves everyday into believing that they are the middle class as well, when in reality they own less than .03% of the wealth in this country...they are in fact the working poor and poverty stricken, or as we used to call them: the middle class backbone of America.  And the upper middle class that really gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor, own a whopping 13.7% of the wealth of this nation.  Lucky dogs.  In reality, those upper middle class lucky dogs are mostly millionaires and they can't even keep a decent savings account. So what's going on here?  Who owns the rest of the American Pie?  I think who ever reads this little rant of mine knows damn well who's hoarding the rest of the stash (+80%) and I hope YOU are brave enough to admit to yourself and your peers in the political process that (most of) those "hoarders" in the top 1% of this country are doing nothing less than committing crimes against humanity. Period.  No conspiracy theory bullshit here, no super lefty liberal hippy bandwagon slogans going around in this rant.  The basic fact is that this country and the majority of the others in the developed "free" world are becoming Corporate Oligarchies that prey on an addicted and clueless, but honest and hardworking population of beautiful people.  We might as well go back to the had more integrity than this pathetic excuse for capitalism and freedom.  No ethics what so ever.   The fact that there is such a chasm between the hard working people going through foreclosure who bought modest homes within their his means (now wondering if meals will have to be skipped) AND the banking executive who can afford a private island and whose assets are equal to that of a small nation's GDP - is sickening to the stomach.  Now if this was just the way the game is played, I could cringe, but I'd have to keep quiet.  But it's not the way the game is played.  THE GAME IS RIGGED, which is a CRIME, and the titans of Wall Street who are doing the "rigging" and preying on this NATION and its DEMOCRACY (not just it's poop people) should be treated the way any traitor would be: THROWN IN PRISION.  It would be alot more humane than what would happen to them if the average population of this country ever wakes up to what is really going on.  So if we don't want to see the deadly upheaval and breakdown worthy riots of the middle east taking place on our turf, I think it would be wise for the power addicted nerds in Washington to take heed and do something about this instability of wealth and resources and to enforce a level playing field.  After all, every "Game" has its rules...even capitalism.  Now go do the job the PEOPLE hired you to do, or get the hell out of the way!!

 Thank you for considering my comment :-)


Tony Zaino

Fountain Hill, PA