Subject: File No. S7-12-11
From: John Coski

May 19, 2011

Wall Street bankers deliberately created designed-to-fail schemes to knowingly undermine the economic security and viability of the United States. They succeeded in a way that exceeded the wildest dreams of the architects of 911, and they used our tax dollars to do it, through the FDIC, TARP and the Fed, all manipulated to fund their greed and political favorites.

They continue to do so with impunity and are growing richer on the backs of the now nearly extinct middle class.

This has created a caste system in the United States where only the children of the privileged class can expect an education or much more than work as an au-pare in a foreign country.

Banks must be strictly regulated as a public utility, and the pay of officers limited to straight salary, at a rate fixed to the GS pay scale and grade.

John coski