Subject: File No. S7-12-11
From: Sondra Showers

May 19, 2011

My name is Sondra and I was affected by the recession in many ways. When I lost my job in early 2008, I never believed it would take over 18 months to find a new job or that it would be at a 25% pay cut. Unfortunately that is exactly how things went. I’ve had to move in with my parents (and I’m 35 years old) who also suffered from the market collapse in that their retirement funds were significantly depleted. I am still living with my parents two years in because the pay cut has made it almost impossible to find an apartment on my own without living in the worst parts of town. I am over qualified for my current position, I was just lucky that someone didn’t care and gave me a job anyway as my debts aren’t going down any time soon. I truly believe that the system in place when the recession began is unsustainable. How can the already ridiculously wealthy continue to profit at the expense of everyone else? Please do not let this version of capitalism continue unchecked. We need the federal agencies to rein in the greedy corporations and individuals that are profiting from our suffering. This isn’t America without the traditional system of checks and balances. Please work for the American people as a whole rather than the wealthy few. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sondra Showers