Subject: Comments for File Number S7-12-11

May 25, 2011

Dear S.E.C.,
You have the rare opportunity to restore the nation's faith in its overseers of the the Public Trust. Our future is in your hands. There is no question about the the impact of unbridled greed on our faltering economy. "Liar-Loans" were encouraged and supported by a financial sector that knowingly hedged its bets against the nation's best interest. It is critically important that we not allow unregulated avarice to re-enact the the debacle again.

I urge you to please fight for what is ethically and morally right for the nation's economic well-being. Strengthen oversight and regulation of deceptive Wall Street and Banking practices with the leadership of Elizabeth Warren and others that have broken the shackles of insidious influence from these sectors that would savage our future for short term gains of these financial institutions.

I am not against them but I am definitely against deceptive practices.
Carlos Pagán