Subject: Comments for File Number S7-12-11

May 23, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I am so angry about the banking practices in our country! The greed and irresponsibility of these ego maniac bankers have scarred the people of the US in a way that will take them truly making serious amends in order for us to trust that they truly are in business to create mobility and freedom for the people. It is an absolute shame that they have continued to pay themselves exorbitant amounts of money and have not incurred any real serious PERSONAL legal accountability for the millions of people they hurt. Now I am not saying that people don’t also have their own minds but when the “American Dream” of home ownership has been shoved down our country’s throats for decades, you can expect that when the opportunity becomes FINALLY available to families, most people will reach for it! I have plenty of friends and family members who have been deeply impacted by this plutocratic system. Most have been able to rely on family or friends to get through this hard time but some have had to resort to more desperate measures in order to survive their children by providing them basic shelter.
I WANT TO SEE THE TOP CEO’S WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RUNNING FISCALLY SOLVENT BANKS DO TIME IN PRISON! Any other bank robber would be jailed for robbing people’s money from them, why are these suits any different? I want them held accountable and so do the common people of the USA.
Our country is only as strong, wealthy and healthy as our poorest of people. The inequality that persists today must be broken down by regulators by putting caps on these CEO salaries or by altering the legal loopholes these corporations have in place in order to funnel, shelter, transfer and basically HIDE the billions of dollars they are making off the backs of the hardworking doctors, builders, teachers, public service workers and the like that positively impact our culture and our communities everyday of their working lives. Our banking system MUST be re-constructed in order to support families.
Our banks need to reinvest into our country, just like a business does in order to grow and serve more people. Right now, the debt that our country is in is absolutely shameful and way to fragile to NOT take seriously. Why are the banks allowed to avoid paying taxes because they’ve taken billions of dollars of losses on their books?! THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!
Everyday I wonder, “what is truly going to come of these causes in the next several years. People just STOPPING paying their mortgages in some cases, because they just don’t want to take responsibility (why should they, they think, the banks sure as heck didn’t!) This makes me sick! Me and my family have yet to own our own home and are sick and tired of renting to be perfectly frank, however, with the insecurity of these times and our housing market, it’s almost like a safety net TO rent.
The bottom line is people need to see those at fault for the economic collapse be held personally responsible for their detrimental roles by being sent to prison. Maybe that will restore confidence in our government and our legal system. Right now, it feels broken.

Jenna Tontz