Subject: Comments for File Number S7-12-11

May 23, 2011

Please do NOT do anything to curb the ability of bankers to suck ungodly sums of money into their pockets while most of the population economically suffers, nor to otherwise in any way impede the exercise of the banker's greed.

The sooner they crash the USA, the better, so that the people rise up and hang the bankers in the public square, and you and all their other accomplices along with them, and then redistribute the wealth of all who swing in the breeze.

Unless, that is, you are willing to nationalize the bankers' wealth immediately, and apply it to kinds if debts and basic human needs the "bailout" money should have been applied to in the first place.

Anything short of that would only be window dressing -- because the scoundrels have already made off with so much loot, if you merely plug the drain ("reform" it)), they, and all of their descendants forever will simply laugh at us all from their fortresses and pat themselves on the backs for jobs well done, as they live out the rest of their lives in oppulence on family trusts.

Jim Wells