Subject: File No. S7-12-10
From: Virginia Blum
Affiliation: Computer Programmer - not associated with investment industry

July 8, 2010

"Should we specify the particular categories of investments for which allocations must be shown and how these categories should be defined?"

I was able to get the general allocation from my fund, but would like to have more detail. Are the fixed income investments in municipal bonds, foreign governments, what's their rating? (hopefully my retirement account, being tax deferred isn't in municipals, but I can't find that out) What sector are the equities in? How can I know if I'm exposed to a big risk if I don't get this information?

When I use Fidelity's online tools the portion of my 401(k) in the life cycle fund comes up as "unknown." I the tool is to be useful to me then the life cycle fund should send the meta data to such tools.

A range of investment holdings is fine with me because I think they should have leeway to get in and out of the market, but I would like more detail about the actual holdings to come through so I can better assess my own portfolio and balance it across all my investments.