Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Sean Golden

January 21, 2007

To whom it may concern:

As I write this, I am going to assume that it is falling upon deaf ears, as the actions of the SEC have spoken louder than words thus far. However, as you read this, just maybe, in ways you may not even understand, the self awareness that is needed to understand just how foolish you look, will start to overtake your denying mind . . . Creating for you new insights and understanding which will allow you to finally let go of the corrupt agenda you have currently been serving. May God Bless your soul and refresh your spirit to choose the right path.

I present to you a piece designed to demonstrate just how foolish your antics look in the midst of a now educated populace. I have made it as simple as I could so that maybe, just maybe, you could understand that the only ones you have been fooling is yourselves. Unfortunately, there will be a price to pay for having pridefully thought you could continue on your present path . . . But by simply changing your direction, perhaps some mercy will be shown to you if you receive the message that is now forcefully being thrust upon you. I do not write regulation, so please do not let the lack of "official" format be lost on you. ;)
Regulation COLOR GREEN

Beginning on this date, January 22, 2007 the color GREEN will be honored with the highest and utmost authority, protecting the sovereignty of GREEN and all of its encompassing parts and/or counterparts if applicable.

Section 1
All things GREEN or containing GREEN thereof will be protected and revered by the ruling bodies of the SEC in conjunction with cooperting authorities in kind.

Section 2
Exceptions and Exclusions:
In accordance with Section 1 of the aforementioned Regulation COLOR GREEN, all aspects of said section are to be vigilantly adhered to, with exceptions only as follows:

(2)(a) Any COLOR GREEN with traces or consistencies of yellow are hereby exempt from the protections outlined in aforementioned Section 1 of Regulation COLOR GREEN

(2)(b) Any COLOR GREEN with traces or consistencies of BLUE are hereby exempt from the protections outlined in aforementioned Section 1 of Regulation COLOR GREEN

(2)(c) Any COLOR GREEN generated through physical properties, synthetic or natural, are exempt from the protective properties outlined in the aforementioned Section 1. This outline includes, but is not limited to: paints, markers, computer generated imagery, food coloring, the blending and melting of plastics and/or metals, rainbows, the refraction of light through crystal(or glass), chlorophyll production and/or the natural plant life, wild or domestic. Any characteristics not outlined above does not exclude said characteristic from exemption. Qualification for exemption will be decided upon by the SEC and it's regulators upon it's discovery and the inspection of said discovery.

(2)(d) The COLOR GREEN employed for use during any of one of the 365 days of the calender year, is exempt from the protective qualities outlined in the aforementioned Section 1 of Regulation COLOR GREEN. However, any application or use of the COLOR GREEN beyond said days, (ie: day 367 of the calender year)is fully permissible and falls under the protective umbrella of Section 1 of Regulation COLOR GREEN.

(2)(e) Amendments for exclusion may be added to or taken away from upon the full discretion of the SEC or it's conjunctive regulative agencies. Notice of said changes need not be publicly disclosed, advertised nor mentioned and may be enacted upon without prior notice.

With the creation of Regulation COLOR GREEN, we at the SEC are committed to the full defense and protection of the Sovereignty of the COLOR GREEN. It is with the utmost care and concern that the COLOR GREEN and it's symbolic inferences, remain flourishing and in tact, for this generation and generations to come.

Clearly . . . Green is in immediate danger.