From: Jody Castro
Sent: May 1, 2007
Subject: File No. S7-12-06

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Commission, Thank you again for allowing the honest, hard working, ethical, American investor to provide comments on these important issues that so many of us have researched and believe to be contributing to systemic risk in our national market system.
I have read many of the comments from my fellow Americans, and our concerned neighbors in Canada, and I am proud to stand beside them in this battle against corruption and financial terrorism.
The beginning of the end is upon us. American citizens and their small businesses will no longer permit the systematic raping of our investment capital by market operators that believe they are entitled to reap profits by selling and lending counterfeit securities. It does not take a genius to steal from your fellow human being or a corporation. Any one of us could rob our neighbors and companies blind if we chose. This corruption on Wall Street continues due to some combination of a perverted upbringing, being mentored by a criminal, or a derivative of the two. No honest, self respecting parent would be proud of their offspring if they knew they made a living by facilitating these high financial crimes against humanity, and treason against a country that protects their life and liberty. We all know EXACTLY WHO is counterfeiting commercial securities, and the citizens of these United States are NOT going to stand by while an apparently captured or incompetent regulator allows it to continue for another decade. This criminal nonsense stops now My message to you, as stewards of our securities markets, is to lay down your weapons of disinformation and protect this Country right now Our brave Men and woman of the US Armed Forces did not, and do not presently, fight for our freedom to enable a few hundred crooks on Wall Street to rob their retirement portfolios blind by criminal naked short selling, the counterfeiting of commercial securities

Investors out here in the real world can put a handful of people in your place that will cleanse the market of this counterfeiting crime in 60 days, completely. We could start by bringing back former SEC investigator Gary Aquirre, a US Patriot that was fired because he had the gall to take down an immune silver spoon that had "juice" on his side.

We want to keep Joseph Cella, chief of SEC market surveillance in place, or promote him to Commissioner, more likely. He seems to be a competent, honest, and brave American that is not afraid to take out the criminal trash on Wall Street.
We also want to promote Eric Ribelin, SEC market surveillance branch chief, to Commissioner. Mr. Ribelin also appears to be a competent, honest, and brave American that is not afraid to take out the criminal trash on Wall Street.
In addition, there is someone running your San Francisco branch that attempted to issue subpoenas to "journalists" suspected of being lapdogs to short sellers. We want that true American Patriot to be running the SEC Headquarters as well.
In addition to the incumbents selected above, we would like to install our own Counter financial terrorism task force, as follows, to advise them:
David Patch, Patrick Byrne, Rodney Young, Bud Burrell, Mark Faulk, Richard Altomare, "Bob O'Brien", and Darren Saunders. You will not find more true American Patriots willing to take-on and eliminate this stock counterfeiting crime head on.
Moreover, we would like to enlist the honorable and ethical expertise of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) to occupy all remaining director and commissioner positions at the SEC.
We trust the above team to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of financial crimes. We trust them to levy fines that fit the crime. We trust them to verify the fines were paid and recorded to the books of the SEC. We trust them to work with the DOJ and actually bring criminal charges against criminals. We trust they will use handcuffs and bring prison sentences where appropriate. This is the only language that persistent perpetrators of these crimes understand.
We have had enough of this apparent catering to the Wall Street elite.